Order no. 85020412
thermoport® K 1000 unheated - black

Unheated frontloader transport box made of plastic, double-walled and tightly welded, with 12 pairs of rails, dishwasher-safe (up to +90°C) - for the safe transport of food in GN containers (content with GN: max. 52 L).

Product profile

The stackable frontloader is used for the safe transport of food in a GN system and for keeping the food hot and cold. For the best food quality and complete transport safety.

Space-efficient configuration with GN containers and GN thermoplates® in combination with the transport-safe, watertight press-in lid or in a vacuum with the vaculid® lid. GN 1/1 heating or cooling pellets can be inserted accordingly for passively keeping food hot and cold. Hot and cold food can be insulated separately during transport thanks to the insulated divider.

Rieber thermoport® made of plastic and stainless steel can be stacked together and placed on the transport or serving trolleys – for slip-resistant and safe transport.

Retrofittable with a CHECK sensor for seamless and automatic temperature documentation during transport. Clear identification and connection to the CHECK CLOUD are possible with the QR code.

GTIN/EAN 4007537090838
Material polypropylene
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 610 x 435 x 561 mm
Dishwasher safe until 90 °C
Ambient temperature -20°C to +100°C
Support rails 12
Distance between supports 36 mm
Functions neutral
Heating/cooling mode neutral
Colour black
Capacity with GN containers 52 L
Order number 85020412


  • Lightweight, robust and pore-free plastic, double-walled and tightly welded.
  • Made of durable, impact resistant and food safe polypropylene.
  • Body & door in sandwich construction, seamless foamed, torsion-resistant, highest stability.
  • Well insulated, low loss of heat/cold.
  • Interchangeable door options (door neutral / convection heated) for maximum functional flexibility.
  • Problem-free temperature maintenance (cold & warm) according to DIN EN 12571 No. 5.1.
  • Ergonomic, hinged handles and high-quality snap locks.
  • Replaceable Floor protection rails & all screwed parts replaceable.
  • All handles, runners, hinges & latches made of high strength PA 6 GF 30.
  • With a removable door for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Dishwasher-safe up to +90°C.
  • Very good chemical resistance (cleaning, disinfection).
The Rieber System Basis

Our versatile GN operating system

The container standard in every commercial kitchen - our high-quality and robust Gastronorm range offers you an extensive selection of different container & lid variants that you can combine and use flexibly for every application. Ideal for hygienic and standardised storage, transport and serving of food - in almost any size and depth, universally compatible in all GN systems and products.

Rieber has a large number of unique innovations in addition to the "GN classics". Like our highly efficient cooking pot thermoplates® made of conductive SWISS-PLY multi-layer material or our 100% reliable watertight plug-in lid as well as the vacuumable vaculid® lid.

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GN Cooking Pot
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Core temperature sensor ETI Blue LE
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Room temperature sensor CHECK
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Chassis - thermoport® plastic
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Rolliport plastic - thermoport® K
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GN cooling pellet 1/1 plastic - black
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Heating pellet CNS GN 1/1
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ISO divider 1/1 - TH K 1000 - black
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Insert frame - 1/4, 1/6, 2/4
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Insert frame - 1/6, 1/9
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Stacking catch - thermoport® K 1000
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Mobile frame - thermoport®K 1000
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Transp./serv.trolley 1 x thermoport®
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Transp./serv.trolley 2 x thermoport®
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Transp./serv.trolley 3 x thermoport®
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Unheated frontloader transport box made of plastic, double-walled and tightly welded, with 12 pairs of rails, dishwasher-safe (up to +90°C) - for the safe transport of food in GN containers (content with GN: max. 52 L).

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More freshness in GN reusable containers - through innovative Fresh-Membrane

With our new watertight lid featuring an integrated Fresh-Membrane, fresh produce such as pre-cut salads and ready-to-eat products can be optimally stored, transported, and dispensed in the GN container reusable system. The advantages over plastic bags are clear: no packaging waste, significantly extended shelf life, freshness, and quality of the food preserved due to the special Fresh-Membrane allowing perfect exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Additionally, the hygienic stainless steel has antibacterial properties, minimizing germ formation. Furthermore, sensitive and water-containing fresh products in the robust GN system are protected from daylight and physical stress such as pressure and friction. This ensures freshness without plastic, waste, or transferring.


The space-saving wonder | Rieber Innovation GNauto

Our new GN container GNauto offers the absolute revolution in terms of destacking and space saving. As the name GNauto suggests, this new container developed by Rieber can now also be destacked and handled automatically by robots. This also saves a lot of time in manual use. As a further elementary benefit, the containers require around 60% less storage space, a huge advantage in many kitchens. With this container innovation, Rieber has created another sustainable milestone - being able to use the Gastronorm reusable system in a scalable and efficient way.

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