Green Product Award 2023 - public voting has begun

We are nominated - 1362 participants from 40 countries applied for the 10th anniversary edition of the Green Product Award. After a review under the aspects of design, innovation & sustainability, the best submissions were nominated. Our reusable system eatTAINABLE is one of the nominees in the packaging category! 


More freshness in GN reusable containers - through innovative Fresh-Membrane

With our new watertight lid featuring an integrated Fresh-Membrane, fresh produce such as pre-cut salads and ready-to-eat products can be optimally stored, transported, and dispensed in the GN container reusable system. The advantages over plastic bags are clear: no packaging waste, significantly extended shelf life, freshness, and quality of the food preserved due to the special Fresh-Membrane allowing perfect exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Additionally, the hygienic stainless steel has antibacterial properties, minimizing germ formation. Furthermore, sensitive and water-containing fresh products in the robust GN system are protected from daylight and physical stress such as pressure and friction. This ensures freshness without plastic, waste, or transferring.


The space-saving wonder | Rieber Innovation GNauto

Our new GN container GNauto offers the absolute revolution in terms of destacking and space saving. As the name GNauto suggests, this new container developed by Rieber can now also be destacked and handled automatically by robots. This also saves a lot of time in manual use. As a further elementary benefit, the containers require around 60% less storage space, a huge advantage in many kitchens. With this container innovation, Rieber has created another sustainable milestone - being able to use the Gastronorm reusable system in a scalable and efficient way.

Exhibitions | events

Rieber supports cooking teams at the IKA Culinary Olympics

For this purpose, the Reutlingen-based company not only provides its highly technologized flagship kitchen at the urbanharbor canteen 'speisewerk', but also the complete microgreens range.


Insights into the production of Rieber|Alinox – SWISS|PLY multilayer material

In Eschlikon, Switzerland, Rieber|Alinox, our esteemed subsidiary, creates the unique SWISS|PLY multilayer material. The manufacturing process there is a true masterpiece: precise, modern, and infused with a touch of Swiss serenity. Here, traditional craftsmanship merges seamlessly with innovative technology.


School, Nursery, and Care Catering in France with our GN multi-cycle system

France is strictly committed to reusable solutions. Starting from January 1, 2025, the EGalim law will come into effect, prohibiting the use of plastic in direct contact with food. This is not a problem for our GN Reusable System, which is made of 100% food-safe stainless steel. To experience and get to know our solutions and products better, 10 representatives from the TREMPLIN reusable project visited us in Reutlingen, along with our French Rieber partner, Enodis. These were exciting days filled with forward-looking insights into the future of reusable food service.


thermoport® META from Rieber: The fully digitalized transport box From the newly developed A.I. core temperature to the returnable tracking system

The thermoport food transport containers from Rieber have been the logistics standard in the catering industry for decades. The latest highlight in terms of digitalization: With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), manual measurement of the core temperature is no longer necessary - this is made possible by the retrofittable, automatically transmitting CHECK room temperature sensors, while the QR codes ensure digital reusable traceability.


New vaculid light lid by Rieber: The best of two GN lid classics.

The best of two GN lid classics in one: With the brand-new GN lid "vaculid light," kitchen technology specialist Rieber has combined all the advantages of the two GN lid classics, "Rieber press-in lid" and "vaculid," into a single lid for secure and time-delayed food preservation.

Exhibitions | events

Rieber as a partner at the Qatar Culinary Professional Roadshow 2023

We are proud to have recently sponsored the highly anticipated Qatar Culinary Professional (QCP) event from May 15th to 17th near the International Continental Hotel as a leading provider of innovative solutions for the gastronomy industry.