Variety and freshness

With its care product range, Rieber offers mobile and safe solutions for the optimal distribution of restaurant-quality food in all situations – fresh and regional dishes just like at home. We have individual transport solutions for your facility so that the freshly cooked food comes safely from the central kitchen to the appropriate stations or serving areas at any time – because for your guests the meals are more than just meals, they are a social exchange and the highlight of the day.

With the flexible and systemic products, the food distribution can be mapped with perfect decoupling from the storage to the serving and can finally be cooked freshly à la minute. Effective flexible and mobile solutions tailored to individual requirements – both in-house and outdoors – for perfect food quality at breakfast, lunchtime and dinner.

Catering solutions for retirement homes and care homes.

Your specialist in food distribution for 60 years.

Solutions for retirement homes and care homes
  • Family table
  • Residential communities
  • Food distribution tray system
  • Meals on wheels
Solutions for retirement homes and care homes
Family table

table-top solution – family table


Eat like at home with the K|POT® – our flexible solution for shared meals around the family table. The food sits classically on the table and everyone can serve themselves as they wish. Our K|POT® table-top solution puts the focus again on people communicating and determining what they eat. 

More emotion at the table but highly standardised in a process because with the new K|POT® CONNECT, the CONNECT Cockpit can be used to create individual programs and then control them via an app on the hob – and it is easy to use to achieve perfect results at the touch of a button. The programs can be perfectly adapted to the regeneration of frozen (Cook & Freeze dishes), cold or hot food in GN-thermoplates®. Also includes HACCP-compliant safety notifications via the LED display and app. The app also offers 6 cooking levels on the control dial for perfect frying, grilling, cooking and steaming. 


Through the combination with the thermoplates® in GN format, made of SWISS-PLY multi-layer material, which conducts the direct contact heat from the K|POT® in a particularly energy-efficient and absolutely uniform manner, food can be perfectly regenerated, kept hot, freshly grilled, fried or cooked à la minute directly at the table.

The classic model variants allow for optimally coordinated cooking curves for every process method, from Cook & Chill to Cook & Serve or just gentle hot holding. The thermoplates® are also compatible with all other appliances, such as on an induction hob, ceramic hob, electric cooker or in a combi steamer and can therefore be used across all processes, even in a chill process. The perfectly mobile and highly functional table-top solution for your facility so that the daily catering becomes an experience.


Residential communities

Ward-based catering for residential communities

With our different ward-based kitchen variants, such as the Regiostation or the STW food transport trolley, the food can be brought hot or cold directly to the ward kitchen or dining room in a GN system with absolute confidence. In addition, food can be regenerated, kept hot or cold and served directly at the ward in the mobile trolley variants. This way, the meal portions in the classic serving system can be arranged and distributed on the plates and trays at the ward. The simple serving system enables flexible individual portioning for diets.

With the hybrid kitchen and the navioven you have an all-rounder for the cooking and regeneration of food - flexibly without mains power. Our reliably insulated trolleys enable an HACCP-safe food distribution chain with optimal food quality. 

Regiostation – regenerating, serving and hot holding

The Regiostation is available in different type variants, with a wide range of special equipment and also with 7-day programming adapted to your menus, thanks to the intelligent electronic control. The food is regenerated at the serving location, either Cook & Chill for chilled food or Cook & Freeze for frozen food or else food is kept hot for fresh food distribution or also kept chilled temporarily until it is time for serving.

Ideal for use in retirement homes and care homes, nursery schools or wherever groups eat together every day, requiring reliable solutions for the best food quality. Temperature curves can be recorded with the Regiostation in accordance with HACCP. The desired temperature and serving time can be entered either on the appliance or optionally via a PC. All measuring data can be read easily via a USB stick. It can also be operated in automatic or manual mode with an additional core temperature function. 

STW/STRW – cooking, hot holding, regenerating and serving

Thanks to the functional food transport trolley, the pre-produced food, which is produced in a central Cook & Chill kitchen, can be optimally and simply regenerated or ready prepared à la minute on site directly at the decentralised stations or in the production kitchens, without long hot holding times. This allows the menu to be designed with a variety of fresh and seasonal dishes and extended with à la carte dishes, just like in restaurants.

The food transport trolley is heated and chilled for even greater flexibility. With a worktop including a tubular gallery and/or with GN 1/1 heated wells on top. Can be heated reliably wet and dry; dry heating provides significant energy savings and less cleaning of the wells is required.  Also available with a built-in K|POT® for even greater functionality. Through the combination with the thermoplates® in GN format, made of SWISS-PLY multi-layer material, which conducts the direct contact heat from the K|POT® in a particularly energy-efficient and absolutely uniform manner, food is perfectly regenerated, freshly grilled, fried, cooked or kept hot à la minute directly on the trolley. Flexible to use thanks to cabinets and wells that can be controlled separately – for the safe transport, hot and cold holding and serving of food in a GN system.

hybrid kitchen – cooking, hot/cold holding, regenerating

You can use the hybrid kitchen to temporarily store and transport food or to reheat or regenerate, cook or chill food – and can always count on top quality. Simultaneous hot/cold holding, the extra tray system or the serving feature on the 140°C model, which transforms your hybrid kitchen into a stylish serving station, are only a few examples of how it can be used. 

The mobile multifunctional kitchen, which can be used without mains power, with two separate digitally controllable circulating air heating systems provides a wide range of functions and unique hybrid properties – with a choice of programs for cold and hot holding at the same time or separately, as well as for regenerating, cooking and baking food in a GN system. This allows you to map all types of food and production methods and cook food to perfection.

Additionally with individually adjustable time, moistening and a target value for the chamber or core temperature. All programs can also be saved, thus allowing for perfect food quality at any time regardless of the staffing situation.

In the Cook & Chill application, the chilled food can be passively cooled for up to 6 hours, reliably insulated by simply placing cooling pellets in the hybrid kitchen. The pellets can then be removed and the food can be regenerated, cooked or prepared with core-temperature simmering and then gently kept hot – so the entire transport and regeneration process can take place in the hybrid kitchen. For even more flexibility, the hybrid kitchen also offers the option to actively keep food hot and passively keep food chilled at the same time. 

navioven - cooking, hot holding and regenerating

The navioven - our mobile table-top unit for baking, cooking, steaming, core-temperature simmering, braising and regenerating food, even directly in living areas. Thanks to the well-developed steam function, the mobile oven allows for a variety of cooking methods. The temperature range extends from +20°C in hot holding mode to approx. +230°C at the maximum power level. This can be used individually for baking, cooking, steaming, core-temperature simmering, braising and regenerating large quantities or for the rapid heating of smaller quantities in a GN system. The filled food containers can then be moved directly from the navioven to the serving station. 

Thanks to the water inlet and outlet, the superfluous steam is discharged directly into the drain when using the steam function and therefore an additional steam extractor in the room is not required – this also makes it perfect for mobile use without mains power. Additionally with individually adjustable time, moistening and a target value for the chamber or core temperature. All programs can also be saved, thus allowing for perfect food quality at any time. Safe and easy handling in combination with the Rieber thermoport® system. For universal, mobile applications for any type of cooking and for stationary use, also available as a built-in version on request.

Breakfast, snacks and dinner for residential communities (breakfast trolley)

The breakfast trolley can be flexibly used directly in the residential community for cold food such as breakfast, snacks or dinner. The various trolley versions with drawers or compartments in the substructure are loaded with the meal components in a GN system in the central kitchen and can be temporarily stored and transported with neutral or active cooling. A full meal can therefore be arranged and served individually at the serving location in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening using the breakfast trolley. The trolley can be extended with useful accessories, such as a tray slide and waste bin, to create a complete solution. Hot snacks can also be offered in combination with a passive K|POT® and GN-thermoplates®.

STW - Food transport Trolleys
hybrid kitchen
Breakfast Trolleys
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Food distribution tray system

Food distribution tray system


We offer the optimal solution for professionally organised food distribution systems in central or distribution kitchens with our food distribution and clearing conveyors. Our solutions meet the high demands placed on these systems for handling food in terms of compliance with the hygiene regulations and the reliability of the technology. Rieber food distribution and clearing conveyors are available in two versions, both as a flat belt and round belt conveyor. 

The various tray systems, such as the Combitray or the Thermotray, can be loaded quickly and easily here and then transported to the resident on the TWF trolley. A complete distribution system is created when used in combination with other mobile appliances, such as cutlery, crockery and tray dispensers, exchange and platform dispensers, ZUBs, rack trolleys and the TWF tray trolley. 


Our mobile serving system, the robust stainless steel trolley with 1-3 separately controllable, electrically heated GN 1/1 heated wells, is used for the safe transport, distribution on the conveyor and serving of food in a GN system. The universal delivery trolley for the best food quality at distribution stations. Can be heated reliably wet and dry. With dry heating, significant energy savings can be made and less cleaning of the wells is required. 

For a complete solution on a food distribution conveyor in combination with other mobile products, such as the thermoport® made of plastic and stainless steel, various dispensers, tray and banquet trolleys as well as transport and serving trolleys. 


Our reliable and sturdy TWF tray trolley is available in various versions, such as neutral, active or passive cold holding. For absolutely safe food transport and ready-to-serve cold and hot holding of food on GN/EN trays with Combitray and Thermotray compact trays for more flexibility in the crucial choice of a tray system. Available with active and passive cooling and with eutectic plates.


With the matching Rieber insulated crockery, your food is perfect when it reaches the patients. The Combitray tray system consists of four different product models: the plastic set, the stainless steel set and the combi set with an integrated aluminium core or Ultra heating agent. The Combitray consists of a combination of insulated and non-insulated crockery items for main courses, casserole and soup, which can be flexibly configured according to your menu selection and distribution times. 


The Thermotray tray system consists of an insulated tray top and bottom, into which the crockery items with the food are inserted. 

The design of the Thermotray allows easy stacking of the tray tops and bottoms. The crockery items can be safely positioned on the tray in the insulated interior and the cold and hot food can be thermally separated reliably under the tray lid. So you can transport all your menu components like the main course or a casserole, soup, salad and dessert on one tray without having to cover them individually. Thanks to the seamlessly welded inner and outer parts and pore-free surfaces, you have perfect insulation and optimal compliance with the hygiene regulations. The Rieber stacking trolley is a practical option particularly suitable for the storage or transport of the Thermotray system. With this variety, Rieber offers you more flexibility and perfect food quality in the distribution of food – from the portioning to the consumption.

ZUB - Delivery Trolleys
TWF - Tray Transort Trolleys
Combitray - Insulated Crockery (Stainless Steel & Plastic)
Thermotray - Compact Tray
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Meals on wheels

Meals on wheels

With our single-portion thermoport® multi-cycle system, the quality and temperature of your food are perfect, even after several hours. With meals on wheels, Rieber has a solution to deal with lukewarm food and crude disposable packaging when catering for the elderly.

thermoport® 10/10 D/10 KW

Cold or hot food can be transported with the thermoport® 10/10 D. Both are possible at the same time in the thermoport® 10 KW that has a separate hot and cold zone. This insulation ensures a clean separation of the two types of food.

Individual loading options either with a 3 compartment meal tray for a multi-component menu or undivided for single-component dishes (stews/bakes), each with the respective meal tray lid. The filled bowls are kept at a perfect temperature during transport thanks to the latent heating agent in the meal tray. Can also be used for cold food (dinner/breakfast); this requires the meal tray to be cooled before filling. Can be configured with a GN 1/6 side dish tray (32 mm deep) with a tight press-in lid for further side dishes. 

Due to the standardised size of the thermoport® 10 series (10/10 D/10 KW), the food and side dishes are compatible with all models. With the PU-M 2/1 meal tray dispenser and Ultra dispenser with multifunctional tubes, the meal trays can be heated up before filling, thus storing the heat in an even better way. For simplified handling in large containers, the Rolli 10 multi-transporter transports all thermoport® 10 models (10/10 D/10 KW) safely and in an orderly manner.

thermoport® 21 

An extra latent heating agent in special pellets ensures reliable hot holding in the thermoport® 21. Previously heated in a navioven or combi steamer, for example, the heating agent uniformly distributes the heat to the crockery, thus delaying the cooling down process of the hot portions of food in the porcelain dishes. The heated heat pellet is simply placed in the designated recesses under the meal tray in the thermoport® 21 and can therefore release the heat directly to the crockery. 

A constructive separation of the hot and cold zone allows the simultaneous transport of cold and hot food in the thermoport® 21. This keeps the cold food cold and the hot food hot. The special insulation prevents undesirable reciprocal temperature effects so that the food arrives in perfect condition.

thermoport® 10 - One Portion
thermoport® 21 - One Portion
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Menu tray dispenser - PU-M2/1
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Transport trolley - thermoport® 10
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Rieber transport standard

Our solution – the GN operating system combined with our reliable thermoport® transport system. 

With the thermoplates® GN highlight - the only GN standard with high thermal efficiency, from the storage to the serving. Thanks to the unique SIWSS-PLY multi-layer material, Rieber is revolutionising the use of the GN format with the thermoplates® – cooking, steaming, woking, grilling, frying, deep-frying, baking, storage, transport, serving and cold holding across the entire process without having to transfer the food. 

This provides you with the perfect transport standard for the path to your guest that can be used across all processes from cooking to ultimately serving the food.


Your networked solution for maximum safety.

Our mobile products can be retrofitted with CHECK sensors for seamless and automatic temperature documentation during transport. Likewise, all products are simply connected to the CHECK CLOUD platform using the QR code. This provides you with safe and easy logging of HACCP data, digital checklists and hygiene organisation. In addition, Rieber service data can now also be accessed via the QR code used.

System helpers

For your complete solution – our various mobile helpers, such as versatile dispensers as well as transport and serving trolleys. Our refrigerated dispenser variants, which also have vents for more energy-efficient storage in cold storage warehouse are perfect for the Cook & Chill process.

Our GN-compatible gastropolar® refrigerator offers you optimal space efficiency for storage anytime and anywhere and shapes your process from start to finish in a GN operating system. For flexible and space-efficient cooling each time it is used, also on the food distribution conveyor; available as a mobile version on request.

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