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Tailor-made for cruise lines and in-flight catering (airlines), our versatile system products guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency and flexibility in the production kitchen, in the restaurant or dining area, in the lounges or on the way there. We have standardised system solutions that guarantee you culinary diversity, maximum safety and smooth process flows – whether for catering on land, at sea or above the clouds. 

For cruise ships or aircraft in particular, high hygiene requirements apply to the products and processes, for which our hygienically and robustly processed products are perfectly suited. In particular, the internationally applicable hygiene requirements in accordance with the USPH (United States Public Health Service) can be fully guaranteed by Rieber.

Solutions for cruise lines and in-flight catering
  • Transport systems
  • Auxiliary trolleys
  • Central kitchen equipment
  • Buffet solution
Solutions for cruise lines and in-flight catering
Transport systems

Flexible food transport systems 

thermoport® stainless steel & plastic

The Rieber thermoport® range offers the perfect solution for the requirements of food transport at sea or for enjoyment above the clouds – the mobile kitchen for the systemic transport of food in a GN system. The food therefore comes from the central production kitchen to the various serving stations and restaurants on board with the best food quality and absolute transport safety.

The product range comprises various models that are ideally suited for in-house or off-site transport – whether in a light plastic version or in high-quality stainless steel, for optimum handling as a top or frontloader variant. Whether heated, unheated or chilled, it is perfectly equipped for any use in a variety of size options – the standardised system suitable for the individual requirements of your catering. For an even wider variety of options, Rieber thermoport® made of plastic and stainless steel can be stacked together and placed on transport or serving trolleys – for slip-resistant and safe transport. All thermoport® can be equipped with CHECK sensors so that you can also ensure complete and automatic temperature documentation during transport. Clear identification and connection to the CHECK CLOUD are possible with the QR code.

Banquet trolleys

For a first-class banquet on cruise ships, we sure have the right solution for all requirements with the various banquet options. Whether small or large gala dinners, congresses, conferences or events – no banquet is the same as the other, but perfect quality should always be served hot or cold at the same time. Our banquet trolleys offer flexible and mobile solutions with their wide range of functions precisely for these requirements. The pre-portioned food can simply be left in a preheated or refrigerated banquet trolley until it is are served without affecting the quality and even delayed events do not pose a problem. 

Our banquet trolleys in different variants for optimal transport, the hot/cold holding of food ready for serving and for the simultaneous serving of food in a GN or plate system on GN grilles. Reliable for use at any banquet for food cooked to perfection, from the portioning to the consumption. All variants are available with a single or double cabinet compartment, in which GN 2/1 grilles and GN containers and also GN-thermoplates® can be directly inserted. The pre-portioned plates can be transported on the grilles with an additional plate carrier (for 6 plates), covered with cloches for optimal protection of the food. 

For even more flexibility, the heated versions can be heated reliably, both wet and dry. With dry heating, significant energy savings can be made and also less cleaning of the base well is required. This means that you have the perfect solution in terms of energy and process efficiency.

Auxiliary trolleys

Universal auxiliary trolleys

The robust auxiliary trolleys made of high-quality stainless steel automatically make day-to-day work easier and optimise cruise line and in-flight catering process flows – thanks to their flexibility and mobility, they provide more efficiency in the central kitchen or in the dining area itself and are ideal for universal transport or storage.

Rack trolleys

Our sturdy rack trolleys, universal helpers in a wide variety of designs, such as a space-saving or Euronorm version, for the easy transport, storage, clearing up or carrying of GN containers, GN serving trays, GN grilles and GN baking trays. Customisable for hygiene protection and for an attractive look with coloured formica panelling on 3 sides or with classic stainless steel panelling. 

Serving trolleys

Whether the stylish servostar® or the classic serving trolley 850 in a lightweight design, the sturdy trolleys are suitable for any transport, whether for serving, clearing or transporting – our simple mobile helpers. Available with 2 or 3 shelves depending on the scope of transport required. With a choice of stainless steel or galvanised castors. Also available on request with foamed castors to provide even better insulation against transport noise. 

A suitable stainless steel clearing container can be attached to the sliding handle on the 850 model as a useful accessory. When ordering the assembled version, the shelves can also be equipped with a gallery made of sturdy round stainless steel for absolutely slip-resistant transport.

The servostar® with an attractive look for the dining area can also be individually designed with GN 1/1 shelf inserts made of coloured glass or formica. The shelf area of the servostar® can also be used flexibly as a mobile preparation area with a suitable cutting board.

Tubular, platform, exchange and Ultra dispensers

Every complete mobile system includes efficient plate dispensers that can be used flexibly and reliably to dispense plates. The wide variety of functions, ranging from statically heated, circulating air-heated, unheated or refrigerated, offers the right model for any use of crockery, for the perfect heating/cooling, interim storage and transport of crockery items. 

Particularly simple and flexible with manually adjustable spring force, according to the crockery weight. The heated versions also have built-in overheat protection for greater safety. 

Central kitchen equipment

Tailor-made central kitchen equipment 

Whether for a highly standardised in-flight production kitchen or a central kitchen on a cruise ship – Rieber offers tailor-made solutions for all the requirements of a production kitchen, from the preparation to the distribution of food.

Configurable work tables

Mobile and flexible preparations are essential for the perfect process flow – with the high-quality Rieber stainless steel work tables in various customisable versions in accordance with the most stringent hygiene and safety guidelines. 

The work tables can be customised to your requirements in different sizes and working heights – with castors for greater flexibility or without castors as a stationary version. The following versions are available as options to configure the work tables – please contact us. 

  • Mobile: with plastic / stainless steel castors (swivel castors and swivel castors with brakes)
  • Stationary: with plastic / stainless steel foot lugs (+/- 15 mm height-adjustable)
  • Standard stainless steel worktop, 1 mm thick, turned down with a lengthways foldover, drip groove, underside lined with chipboard
  • Super stainless steel worktop, 2 mm thick, folding inwards, underside reinforced with screwed and sealed stainless steel profiles
  • Tubular substructure frame, open with 4 square uprights (6 from a length of 1900 mm), securely connected lengthways and crossways
  • Tubular substructure frame with a welded stainless steel shelf, folded down on all sides
  • Tubular substructure frame with a removable grille (max. 500 mm long)
  • Tubular substructure frame with a welded grille
  • Tubular substructure frame with slide-in GN rails and integration of a cutting board into the worktop
  • In addition, many other versions are completely hygienic made of stainless steel, such as the cabinet carcass, hinged door or sliding door cabinet as well as the roller/telescopic pull-out drawers

Configurable food conveyors

We offer the optimal solution for professionally organised food distribution systems in central or distribution kitchens with our food distribution and clearing conveyors. Our solutions meet the high demands placed on these systems for handling food in terms of compliance with the hygiene regulations and the reliability of the technology. Rieber food distribution and clearing conveyors are available in two versions, both as a flat belt and round belt conveyor.

  • The conveyor belt is a white 2 mm thick 3-layer belt, 295 mm wide, food-resistant and permanently antistatic.
  • On the round belt conveyor there are 4 parallel round belts running with a clearance of 55 mm (Ø 10 mm thick, PUR with polyester draw element, in blue) on special plastic sliders.

The following accessories are available to individually configure the conveyor:

Food distribution conveyor

  • Bumper per rm
  • Folding table at the end of the conveyor for checking trays
  • Swivel table at the start of the conveyor for patient cards
  • Forward and reverse travel, belt length up to 6 m
  • Foot switch
  • Socket 230 V earthed/CEE (also international types such as FR/EN/BEL etc.)
  • Fuse box
  • Main switch 40/63 A
  • Additional ON/OFF, EMERGENCY STOP switch
  • Capacitive end switch
  • Mobile version for a 3 m, 4 m, 5 m or 6 m belt
  • Belt washing system
  • Spring rod with end switch
  • Light barrier with/without destacking
  • Overdrive
  • Hold-up cycle switch
  • Additional drive station for a length of 12 m or above
  • Tray guide on both sides
  • Dirt tray per rm
  • 90-120° curves and an overdrive for curves

Clearing conveyor

  • Spring rod with end switch
  • Light barrier with/without destacking
  • Overdrive
  • Additional drive station for a length of 12 m or above
  • Tray guide on both sides
  • 90-120° curves and an overdrive for curves

The various tray systems, such as the Rieber Combitray or Thermotray, can be loaded quickly and easily on the conveyor. A complete distribution system is created when used in combination with other mobile appliances, such as cutlery, crockery and tray dispensers, exchange and platform dispensers, ZUBs, rack trolleys and the TWF tray trolley. 

Hand wash basins

The high-quality hand wash basins made of stainless steel for staff hygiene guarantee the perfect model for any requirement. The worktop is turned up with 30 mm from the back on 3 sides with a foldover and the basin is seamlessly welded for high hygiene requirements in accordance with DIN 18861. The 1½" valve embossing is centred as standard.  Available in the various versions and sizes listed below (345x245x120 mm or 500x300x150 mm).


  • With / without a console 
  • With panelling (on 3 sides, 92/122 mm high basin cover with a bent wall mounting bracket with 4 holes with a diameter of 11 mm)
  • With panelling and a knee switch (on 3 sides, 160/195mm high basin cover with a wall mounting bracket, built-in pressure switch for knee operation on the front. Straight-way valve behind, flow duration adjustable up to 60 sec., adjustable premix valve for the cold and hot water temperature. Spout installed behind the basin with a copper pipe to the mixing valve).
  • With panelling and sensor switching (on 3 sides, 122 mm high basin cover with a wall mounting bracket with 4 holes with a diameter of 11 mm, built-in continuously variable sensor with a range of 30-200 mm on the front. Completely installed with a hot/cold mixing valve, 500 mm long flexible connecting hoses, spout ½”, rotatable and 1 m long cable with earthed plug. *To be provided on site: 1 earthed socket 230 V, 1 non-return valve for hot water connection and ON/OFF switch.


  • One hole mixed tap ½”, with rotating spout
  • Plastic odour trap 1½” x 50mm
  • Sieve valve 1½”

Commercial kitchen sinks and sink units

The commercial kitchen sinks and sink units can be individually configured with different designs for preparations and hygiene in the workplace – all surfaces are made of high-quality stainless steel that has been hygienically and seamlessly welded. 

Available with 1 or 2 basins (right / left) in different lengths, widths, heights and depths as well as substructure versions: open / with a cabinet carcass / grilles or shelves. 

Work surface

  • Basins deep drawn, interior brushed, with large radii and for complete emptying with incline to drain. Seamlessly welded and coated on the bottom with a sound-deadening finish.
  • Basic cover welded under the worktop on 3 sides between the frame feet. Depth designed to completely cover the corresponding basin.
  • Weld-in basins, loosely prepared for external welding, but without a sound-deadening coating.
  • Profiled draining boards with all-round crimping (at least 20 mm deep), with incline to drain. Folded down 50 mm and folded in 20 mm on the longitudinal and face side respectively, folded up 50 mm at the back. Lower and front long side reinforced with stainless steel profiles. Basin folding upwards and downwards, seamlessly welded and polished.


  • Tubular frame made of square tubular material, feet underneath 160 mm high, with all-round tubes, shelf or grille 150 mm high. All points are securely welded.
  • Grilles either welded with an all-round profile, 50 mm wide, folded down 50 mm and folded in 20 mm or removable (max. 500 mm long).
  • Shelves folded down 50 mm and folded in 20 mm on all sides, with corresponding notches for external flush welding with the tubular frame.
  • Cabinets with a stainless steel carcass in a sturdy design. Rear and side walls formed in one piece, based inserted and reinforced with profiles.
  • Double-walled sliding doors, 20 mm thick, with a vertically bent, flush-mounted handle. Filled with stabilising insulating material on the inside. With 2 adjustable, ball-bearing plastic rollers at the top running in the guide profile. With a guide groove at the bottom for holding the plastic door guides fixed to the smooth base.
  • Double-walled hinged doors, 20 mm thick, without overlapping, with a vertically bent, flush-mounted handle. Closed top with plastic profiles. Filled with stabilising insulating material on the inside. Hinges with an external pivot point for an opening angle of 180°, sturdy and maintenance-free. Doors with a magnetic lock


  • Mixer taps for basins with a water surface of up to 2000 cm2 are to be equipped with 1/2” two-hole upright mixer taps with a rotating spout (¾“ for all larger models)
Buffet solution

Buffet solution for restaurants and lounges 


We offer the flexible buffet solution that combines perfect food quality and a stylish design 24 hours a day – perfect for any cruise or airport lounge. Whether in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening, the K|POT® offers you a mobile and highly functional buffet solution without your food being overcooked or only lukewarm. This gives you the solution to the problem of the classic chafing dish – the K|POT®, the mobile catering kitchen: no burning paste smell, no risk of fire, no heat loss, no water bath, no slip hazard and no hazardous materials.

Culinary delights at the touch of a button – with our classic K|POT® or the new app-controlled K|POT® CONNECT. The functionally designed table-top unit in standardised GN sizes and the choice of a variety of different functions offers maximum flexibility for any buffet and catering – without a kitchen infrastructure on site, without unnecessary energy consumption and without high staffing costs. The automated program change option gives your food the desired finish on its own or through individual show cooking right in front of the guest. 

With the new K|POT® CONNECT, the CONNECT Cockpit can be used to create individual programs and then control them via an app on the hob – and it is reliable for your staff to use quickly and easily to achieve perfect results at the touch of a button. The programs can be perfectly adapted to the regeneration of frozen (Cook & Freeze dishes), cold or hot food in GN-thermoplates®. Also includes HACCP-compliant safety notifications via the LED display and app. The app also offers 6 cooking levels on the control dial for perfect frying, grilling, cooking and steaming. Despite different program lengths for different food, a target time for opening the buffet can be selected via the app and therefore all components are ready for consumption at the same time.

The classic K|POT® is available in active, multifunctional model variants, electronically controllable with an energy-saving ceran or induction hob, and as a pure hot holding or passive variant, which can be used anywhere even without power. The housing of the K|POT® in a classic stainless steel look or with a high-quality powder coating in a silk matt black finish. 


Through the combination with the thermoplates® in GN format, made from SWISS-PLY multi-layer material, which conducts the direct contact heat from the K|POT® in a particularly energy-efficient and absolutely uniform manner, food is perfectly regenerated, kept hot, freshly grilled, fried or cooked à la minute right at the buffet. The thermoplates® are also compatible with all other appliances, such as on an induction hob, ceramic hob, electric cooker or in a combi steamer and can therefore be used across all processes. The perfectly mobile and highly functional solution for your buffet, on the one hand in a stylish look and on the other hand absolutely reliable with the best food quality. 

GN Cooking Pot
To the product
Core temperature sensor ETI Blue LE
Rieber transport standard

Our solution – the GN operating system combined with our reliable thermoport® transport system. 

With the thermoplates® GN highlight - the only GN standard with high thermal efficiency, from the storage to the serving. Thanks to the unique SIWSS-PLY multi-layer material, Rieber is revolutionising the use of the GN format with the thermoplates® – cooking, steaming, woking, grilling, frying, deep-frying, baking, storage, transport, serving and cold holding across the entire process without having to transfer the food. 

This provides you with the perfect transport standard for the path to your guest that can be used across all processes from cooking to ultimately serving the food.


Your networked solution for maximum safety.

Our mobile products can be retrofitted with CHECK sensors for seamless and automatic temperature documentation during transport. Likewise, all products are simply connected to the CHECK CLOUD platform using the QR code. This provides you with safe and easy logging of HACCP data, digital checklists and hygiene organisation. In addition, Rieber service data can now also be accessed via the QR code used.

System helpers

For your complete transport solution – our various mobile helpers, such as versatile dispensers, rack, serving and transport trolleys or our GN-compatible gastropolar® refrigerator, which map your process from start to finish in a GN operating system. For flexible and space-efficient cooling each time you use them. 

Find your customized solution concept.

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