Our claim

To be the technology leader in the professional kitchen market - with standardised system solutions that are digitally networked and organised, energy-saving, safe, sustainable and durable. Made in Germany since 1925 - family-run.

As a complete system provider for digital and sustainable catering system solutions, by connecting people, food and our kitchen systems to ensure the best quality and safety at all times. In doing so, we focus on the responsible use of limited resources such as energy, water and time. For maximum efficiency throughout the entire kitchen process, while keeping running costs low and benefiting the environment.

As soon as the production and consumption of food are separated in terms of time and space, Rieber offers mobile catering systems that are consistently designed to the Gastro-Norm container standard. The GN container operation system represents the physical networking across the entire kitchen process. We innovate this on the one hand via our mobile and energy-saving system devices, and on the other hand via our digital platform CHECK CLOUD, which holistically networks and organises all food & kitchen information. In particular, safe food transport and GN reusable traceability are part of Rieber's core business.


Know where your GN containers & equipment are at all times.

Digitisation | META cooking

We helped introduce the GN container standard in 1964 - and today we are digitising it with sustainable added value. Via our CHECK CLOUD platform, we offer our customers a digital complete system for the legally required HACCP food safety in a transparent, paperless, time- & cost-saving manner, as well as GN container & equipment traceability via digital reusable management | Rieber META cooking

Via retrofittable QR codes and sensors, it is thus possible to see digitally at any time in "real time" which food and equipment is where and at what temperature, as well as various other features such as universal checklists, hygiene or cleaning lists. For comprehensive and transparent documentation and organisation of all processes. 

Digital HACCP

Goodbye paper chaos | Hello CHECK HACCP

CONNECT IoT System Solutions | META cooking

Mobile & energy-saving kitchen systems that automatically provide the operator with the right information so that reproducible food quality and HACCP safety can be guaranteed at any time, easily and anywhere - Rieber META cooking.

  • transparent digital traceability
  • in the standardised GN reusable system
  • made of durable and food-safe stainless steel
  • or made of our energy-saving SWISS|PLY multilayer material - thermoplates®eco


24/7 FOOD & MORE with our Rieber CONNECT self-service station. Round-the-clock catering - with hot meals, light snacks or breakfast - both single portioned or in bulk, for 10 to over 50 people.


Driven by sustainable Innovations for the future

As an innovation-driven company, we not only think about product innovations, but have also been thinking about digital solutions for processes since 2012. Our history clearly shows which constant innovations make our product portfolio unique - the combination of process and material technology, right up to the digital overall system. With the manufacturer-independent CHECK CLOUD platform, the process chain in the food and catering industry can be mapped transparently and digitally, and also forms a holistic organisational tool through further comprehensive services.

This focus on innovation and our high commitment to quality, combined with a wide range of core competencies in-house, from engineering and toolmaking to series production, create sustainable differentiation and long-term potential for success, with a broad customer structure and long-term customer relationships.

TAILOR-MADE SOLUTION CONCEPT. We advise you on your customized solution concept.


individually adapted to your department & assignment | number of diners | meal components & production/delivery methods 


Single-use plastic packaging saved so far with our digital GN container tracking system

193,554 kg
Suitable for every use

Mobile catering solutions for civil protection & disaster control 

Rieber NEWS

More freshness in GN reusable containers - through innovative Fresh-Membrane

With our new watertight lid featuring an integrated Fresh-Membrane, fresh produce such as pre-cut salads and ready-to-eat products can be optimally stored, transported, and dispensed in the GN container reusable system. The advantages over plastic bags are clear: no packaging waste, significantly extended shelf life, freshness, and quality of the food preserved due to the special Fresh-Membrane allowing perfect exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Additionally, the hygienic stainless steel has antibacterial properties, minimizing germ formation. Furthermore, sensitive and water-containing fresh products in the robust GN system are protected from daylight and physical stress such as pressure and friction. This ensures freshness without plastic, waste, or transferring.


The space-saving wonder | Rieber Innovation GNauto

Our new GN container GNauto offers the absolute revolution in terms of destacking and space saving. As the name GNauto suggests, this new container developed by Rieber can now also be destacked and handled automatically by robots. This also saves a lot of time in manual use. As a further elementary benefit, the containers require around 60% less storage space, a huge advantage in many kitchens. With this container innovation, Rieber has created another sustainable milestone - being able to use the Gastronorm reusable system in a scalable and efficient way.

Endless variety of enjoyment meets the safest food transport | the thermoport® assembly variations