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Natalia AntonovaExport Sales Manager
East- & South Europe | South America | Japan
Shamoin NawazRegional Sales Manager
Middle East & India
Dorothee RinkerExport Sales Manager
Middle East & India

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In order to process your enquiry as quickly as possible, we need the following information: 

  • Your customer number
  • The item, order, invoice or delivery note number
  • and the serial number

Spare parts orders for customers who do not yet have a customer number can only be accepted in writing. Please only submit your customer service requests in writing. Thank you very much – your export team.


Do you have any questions regarding operation, spare parts and cleaning?  

Then visit our new service video channel.

Our service news

With a digital video channel

All the information on our service video channel

You can call up all the relevant service information about the product quickly and easily with the standard QR code on our products. In addition, the product can be connected directly to the CHECK CLOUD with this QR code via the CHECK app – all-in-one digital services and safety on demand.

On the video channel you will find service videos on the use and proper cleaning of the product and the associated spare parts specific to each model variant. This can be called up, simply explained and stored with German and English subtitles via the QR code on the product.

Our service video channel

Operating instructions and instructions for use
Safety instructions and warnings
Replacement of spare parts and use of accessories
Cleaning recommendations and tips
Information on maintenance and operating faults
General service information

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