In the 2015 survey of 1,000 managers and buyers in the German catering industry for the most innovative new launches, Rieber received first place for the thermoport® 100 K hybrid in the "food serving and transport systems" product group.

Thanks to their experience and insight, practitioners know exactly what can stand the test of time in the kitchen. 1,000 of them from the business, care, transport, trade fair, event, self-service and hotel catering sectors were asked for their verdict in a survey conducted by the trade magazine Catering Inside. As in the previous seven years, the results, graded in gold, silver and bronze, serve as a guide to the large number of new innovations in the food, technology and service sectors. As the most convincing technical innovation in the field of "food serving and transport systems", the thermoport® 100 K hybrid from Rieber received the Catering Star 2015 gold award. And rightly so, because the innovative solution offers a whole bundle of advantages.

The space miracle in hot-cold distribution
The thermoport® 100 K hybrid enables efficient, flexible and space-saving work. The top loader can accommodate gastronorm containers of different sizes and depths without wasting valuable space. This maximum of freedom simplifies working with the thermoport® transport system - not only when dividing up smaller food portions or a wide range of dishes. At the same time, loading the lightweight and particularly robust containers is very easy, because they are not hooked in as before, but can be stacked directly. In addition, the indentations in the thermoport® interior ensure easy access when stacking and unstacking.

Hot and cold distribution in one food transport container
The thermoport® 100 K hybrid is ideally equipped for the simultaneous transport of hot and cold food in one container. The standard iso-separator, which is necessary for thermal separation, is located inside, on the front side of the container. The two separate compartments, which can be resized, can then be put to good use with numerous container variants or combinations. This makes the thermoport® 100 K hybrid particularly suitable for applications in which small quantities of cold and hot food have to be transported in one and the same place.


A star in the Rieber thermoport® family. From storage to transport to serving. The space miracle for variable, maximized placement in cold/warm distribution - all in one thermoport®.

  • robust, handy, light, stackable & combinable
  • made of highly stable plastic with non-porous skin
  • double-walled perfectly insulated and hygienically tightly welded
  • interior cold/warm separable
  • dishwasher safe up to + 90°C for perfect cleaning
  • suitable for all temperature ranges from -20° C to + 100° C.
  • maximum filling volume of 26 liters
  • empty weight of 8 kg

First place for our innovative thermoport® 100 K hybrid - CATERING STAR 2015

thermoport® 100 K hybrid

Unheated top-loading tansport box made of plastic, with passive cold & hot area separable by Isosteg, double-walled and tightly welded, dishwasher-safe (up to +90 °C) – for safe transport of food in GN containers (capacity with GN: max. 26 liters).

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