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New vaculid light lid from Rieber

The best of two GN lid classics in one: vacuum for maximum freshness and absolute spill resistance

With the brand new GN lid "vaculid light", kitchen technology specialist Rieber has combined all the advantages of the two GN lid classics "Rieber press-in lid" and "vaculid" for safe and time-reversed food preservation in just one lid: It is not only 100 percent slosh-proof and thus optimally suited for safe transport - with the new lightweight, a 40 percent vacuum can also be created directly in the GN container, and the vacuum valve simultaneously serves as a freshness seal. This preserves the shelf life of the food until the time it is consumed and maximum food safety can be guaranteed with less time spent.

In order to constantly streamline production processes in catering kitchens and thus save costs as well as absorb the personnel bottlenecks that are prevalent everywhere, Rieber GmbH & Co. KG focuses its product development on a noticeable increase in efficiency, the best possible practicality and guaranteed food safety.

The new addition to Rieber's GN lid family - the vaculid light - also aims to achieve this and combines all the advantages of two existing classic lids in just one: from now on, the pre-produced and stored food no longer has to be transferred in a time-consuming process for completely spill-proof transport. Instead, after cooling in the GN container, they are sealed directly with the vaculid light lid, stored, and then safely transported to their destination with the identical lid.

Bagless vacuum

This is made possible by the vacuum function of the new lid: With the help of a vacuum pump, a vacuum of up to 40 percent can be generated directly in the GN container via the vaculid light. "The container contracts in the process, which not only ensures absolute transport safety, the light vacuum is perfectly sufficient above all for optimum shelf life of the food with a time decoupling between production and consumption - without even a minimal loss of freshness or quality. A full vacuum is actually only necessary in very rare applications," explains Leszek Herrmann, Sales Manager at Rieber in Reutlingen. "For this reason, we were also able to design the vaculid light with a significantly lower weight, which also relieves the kitchen staff in daily handling. Thanks to the longer shelf life of the food, the caterers also have to deliver to the sites less frequently, which saves costs as well as time to a considerable extent and has less of an impact on the environment."

Freshness guarantee

The vacuum valve is also a freshness seal that allows the user to immediately check whether the container has been opened or not. If the lid hisses audibly when opened, there is 100% certainty that the container was permanently sealed under vacuum in accordance with regulations. "For absolute food freshness and safety, however, the correct transport of refrigerated food is essential," notes sales manager Herrmann. "This absolutely includes maintaining the correct temperature throughout the entire journey. Rieber Thermoport transport boxes ensured that." Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), Rieber also offers completely digitized solutions for this purpose, with the help of which the room temperature in the Thermoports as well as the core temperature of the food during transport can be monitored from anywhere. The manual measurements are superfluous here.

Powerful duo for automation

Together with the GN auto container, which is also new, the vaculid light forms a powerful duo for automated processes in commercial kitchens: The further developed classic among stainless steel containers has been given embossed stacking lugs on all four outer corners. They are used for easy destacking and separation without jamming to enable practical and efficient handling - manually as well as mechanically or automatically.

To avoid not only food waste but also GN container losses, all GN containers and lids are digitally traceable in the reusable system: The linchpin of the digital application is a QR code. It contains all the information about the container location, the food inside, and their respective food-specific requirements.

With vaculid light, Rieber not only makes an important contribution to process efficiency and safety in communal catering, but also to the health of the people served: Stainless steel is a completely food-safe material - unlike plastic containers, no microplastics can get into the food here. In addition, this counteracts the waste of valuable and expensive food, and thanks to bagless vacuuming in the reusable system, a lot of waste can be avoided and the environment noticeably protected.

Awarded with the "Focus Open" design prize

Rieber can celebrate another great success with the vaculid light: The combination of GN-auto container and lid was awarded the Focus Silver in the international design prize competition "Focus Open", which is held worldwide. The idea behind the prize, which has been awarded since 1991, is design as an essential key to commercial success. "We are very pleased to receive this award from the Design Center Baden-Württemberg, because with this award Rieber also proves not only its international competitiveness, but also the successful symbiosis of form and function," reports Madlen Maier, Marketing Manager and Shareholder at Rieber.

The new vaculid® light

The best of two classic GN lids.


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