In addition to the safety, hygiene and organization of meals via the CHECK CLOUD platform, Rieber networks its core products with its own App & Cockpit.

Starting with storage - here the classic shared refrigerator becomes the digital sharing refrigerator multipolar® CONNECT, which can be opened simply via app without any key. Thus, the multipolar® CONNECT can be shared by several people at the same time, for optimally efficient multiple use. In the cockpit, the 10 individual compartments can be easily assigned to the desired app users by the administrator/admin. The app users can also be added or removed quickly. The 10 individual compartments are kept at a perfectly even temperature by convection cooling. With stable stainless steel interior and compartments made of removable GN containers for perfect hygiene and easy cleaning.

During preparation and serving, the K|POT® CONNECT can be used to flexibly create and call up individual programs, perfectly matched to the food. This makes it possible to regenerate a wide variety of dishes, including cook & freeze dishes, in a process-safe, easily controllable, digital and automatic manner. For food quality to the point with an absolute guarantee of success.

The CONNECT models

Discover our new K|POT® & multipolar® CONNECT - perfect in use with our GN operating system.

Our new 24/7 catering solution

The perfect combination - the sharing refrigerator multipolar® and the serving kitchen K|POT®.

Open by App

Flexible and easy compartment allocation, perfect for shifts - which can be opened digitally by users without any closures.  

Then simply remove food in the GN system and regenerate on the K|POT®.

The 24/7 regeneration solution

Always & everywhere with perfectly coordinated programs - for freshly cooked food to the point.

Other transport and preparation products, such as hybrid kitchen or Regiostation, are also connected and can thus be flexibly controlled digitally.
Rieber CONNECT more coming soon
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