Order no. 84012040
K-POT 1/1-ik-3600-2Z stainless steel

The mobile & stylish buffet kitchen - with an induction hob with 2 zones - in a Gastronorm size - for use with thermoplates® C cooking containers & a matching GN cooking/buffet lid.

Product profile

The functionally designed table-top unit in a GN size 1/1 with an electronically controllable, energy-saving and powerful induction hob, divided into two separate zones, is used for the regeneration of cold or hot food, for keeping food hot and for cooking, steaming or frying with GN thermoplates®. The anti-chafing dish for simple, multifunctional catering with the best food quality.

Power level 1 with a defrosting function to defrost food in an energy-efficient manner. Food can be kept hot easily and gently at level 2. Levels 3 to 9 enable all possible types of food preparations from regeneration to grilling, cooking or steaming. It also includes automatic pot detection, an automatic cooking function, a bridge function, a boost function for ever more power and a safe automatic switch-off function to limit the operating time.

In combination with the thermoplates® GN cooking pot made of unique SWISS-PLY multi-layer material for the best food quality. The material combines aluminium in the core with conductivity (hot/cold) 10 times better than pure stainless steel, for significant energy savings in use, with the hygienic advantages of stainless steel.

The GN thermoplates® C in a catering design with rounded corners is perfect for an attractive look on the stylish K|POT®. The stylish cooking and buffet lids offer the matching GN lid variants for keeping food hot and for hygiene protection when serving.
For universal, mobile applications – catering, hotels, restaurants, care sector and school catering as well as domestic use. Also available as a built-in version for stationary use.

GTIN/EAN 4007537120566
Material stainless steel 1.4301 (CNS)
Weight 9,9 kg
Dimensions 533 x 378 x 96 mm
Rated voltage 1N AC 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Connected load 3.600 W
Plug type Safety switch (type F)
Cable type plain cable
Cable length 1.500 mm
Protection class IPX0
Functions heated
Heating/cooling mode statically heated
Foreign plug Foreign plugs on request
Colour stainless steel
Work surface induction
Field version 2-zone
Order number 84012040


  • Housing made of stainless steel with a rustproof, hygienic, high-quality brushed matt finish.
  • Reliable recessed induction hob.
  • Anti-chafing dish: no burning paste smell, no risk of fire, no heat loss, no water bath, no slip hazard and no hazardous materials.
  • Immediate heat transfer and uniform heat distribution.
  • Reduced cost of operation: approx. 60 cents per h (kW vs. burning paste).
  • Compatible with GN sizes, a space gain of approx. 30% compared to round containers.
  • Transport-safe, retractable rotary switch.
  • Non-slip due to the silicone feet on the bottom of the housing.
  • No individual parts so less cleaning is required.
  • Ceran glass is easy to clean with a Ceran glass-ceramic scraper.
The Rieber System Basis

Our versatile GN operating system

The container standard in every commercial kitchen - our high-quality and robust Gastronorm range offers you an extensive selection of different container & lid variants that you can combine and use flexibly for every application. Ideal for hygienic and standardised storage, transport and serving of food - in almost any size and depth, universally compatible in all GN systems and products.

Rieber has a large number of unique innovations in addition to the "GN classics". Like our highly efficient cooking pot thermoplates® made of conductive SWISS-PLY multi-layer material or our 100% reliable watertight plug-in lid as well as the vacuumable vaculid® lid.

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The mobile & stylish buffet kitchen - with an induction hob with 2 zones - in a Gastronorm size - for use with thermoplates® C cooking containers & a matching GN cooking/buffet lid.

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