Our digitally organized reusable system eatTAINABLE is based on food-safe stainless steel Gastronorm containers, the established industry standard in various sizes and variants, whether for to go or delivery, in individual portions or in large containers.

The sustainable & digital reusable organization - without a deposit

  • For caterers in large and small containers
  • Canteens
  • Gastronomy & restaurants
  • Food distributors or suppliers
  • Bulk stores
  • Butcher
  • Baker

retrofittable, efficient in handling & food safe for everyone who wants to offer food of the highest quality.


Single-use plastic packaging saved so far with our digital GN container tracking system

58,953 kg

We have the sustainable solution for food to go and delivery - healthy food packaged healthily - in hygienic and high-quality stainless steel containers in Gastronorm dimensions, which has been the global industry standard for over 60 years. Established as early as 1964 by Rieber and since then produced exclusively in Germany and further developed in the market thanks to many unique selling points. Such as vacuum-sealable lids, a patent pending stacking nose for problem-free unstacking or the conductive SWISS-PLY multi-layer material of thermoplates®, the saucepan in GN format.

The GN containers are available in different sizes, depths and designs, depending on the type of food and the number of meals, from small one-portion boxes to large catering containers, the right reusable solution for every use.

eat (sus)TAINABLE
  • in the stainless steel reusable system
  • efficient gastronome measure
  • standardized process handling
  • without disposable packaging waste
  • digitally organized without a deposit
  • without transferring microplastics into the food
  • hygienic & antibacterial
  • absolutely food safe
  • robust & durable
  • space-efficient & stackable
Small container app solution

Easily book containers QR codes on customer QR codes - digitally without a deposit and fully transparent. It's that easy.

The solution for small and large containers
Single portions small containers - togo

1 to 1000 meals

Multiple Portions large containers - delivery

from 1000 meals

Reusable is that easy


With retrofittable QR code stickers, existing and new GN containers or even your own reusable boxes can be easily issued without a deposit.

  • Every reusable customer has their own QR code on their eatTAINABLE APP, customer card or saved in the Apple Wallet. The reusable partner can use this customer QR code to book the container QR code quickly and easily with his app and thus knows exactly which container is borrowed from which customer.
  • The reusable partner can view this centrally in the eatTAINABLE dashboard and also set up his own loan periods or other deposit types (jars, etc.), as well as all general configurations and individualizations of the system.
  • The customer can also call up his balance page at any time by scanning his customer's QR code with the smartphone camera and see which reusable container he has borrowed from which partner and how long the respective loan period is.

In large containers, the scanning process is based on the same principle, only using professional mobile scanning units instead of an app, which can be individually integrated into the kitchen production process.

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