We are proud to have recently sponsored the highly anticipated Qatar Culinary Professional (QCP) event from May 15th to 17th near the International Continental Hotel as a leading provider of innovative solutions for the gastronomy industry.

This event, organized by Qatar Culinary Professional, a renowned association that evaluates and awards young chefs through competitions, attracted around 100-150 visitors daily. We organized the event in collaboration with Sprint in Qatar, a prominent local distributor.

The response from the chefs was consistently positive, and our ACS equipment received much praise for its effective ventilation, user-friendly design, and robust construction.

We showcased our wide range of gastronomy solutions and featured our customer reference videos, demonstrating the successful implementation of our digitalization solutions in practice, resulting in significant cost savings.

The large screen provided the perfect setting to transport the audience live into the commercial kitchen of our German customer, Zieglerschen in Wilhelmsdorf. The customer and all employees shared how the digital Rieber systems for reusable organization and GN container traceability, as well as digital HACCP documentation, have made their work routine easier and enabled substantial savings.

Reusable Traceability & Digital HACCP

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Our ACS Frontcooking System – mobile.efficient.flexible.

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