France is focusing on reuse and the end of single-use plastic.

The regulations: Starting from January 1, 2025, the EGalim law will come into effect and prohibit the use of plastic for food containers for 'cooking, heating, and serving' in school and university catering, as well as in pediatrics and maternity wards. Since 2022, there has been an obligation to use reusable dishes, cutlery, and containers for the transportation of food and beverages, as well as their collection for the purpose of reuse, as stipulated in Article L. 541-15-10, III, 19.

France is strictly committed to reusables. Starting from January 1, 2025, the EGalim law will come into effect, prohibiting the use of plastic in direct contact with food. This poses no issue for our GN multi-cycle System, made entirely of food-safe stainless steel.

To experience our solutions and products firsthand and to get to know them better, 10 representatives from the TREMPLIN reusable project visited us in Reutlingen, along with our French Rieber partner, Enodis. These were exciting days filled with forward-looking insights into the future of reusable food service.

The participants were responsible for the kitchen, production, quality, and logistics departments of the represented cities.

  • The SIVUBM, which operates a central kitchen serving both Bordeaux and Mérignac.
  • The city of Tours.
  • Also present was the director of the Tremplin project, who guides these cities in their search for solutions.
  • As well as our partner in France, Enodis

SIVU and the city of Tours are part of the TREMPLIN project and purchasing group. Due to the EGalim law, their objective is to transition the existing catering services from single-use to reusable in school food service.

  • SIVU produces more than 23,500 meals per day using the Cook & Chill method
  • Primarily for school catering and meal delivery for the elderly
  • The city of Tours produces 8,500 meals per day
  • The majority of these meals are delivered to schools, with a portion also going to childcare centers and nursing homes
  • They also provide home delivery service (Meals on Wheels) and meals for municipal employees

*SIVU and the city of Tours are part of the 11-member TREMPLIN purchasing group. Their goal is to transition the existing school catering from single-use to reusable packaging.

The challenges
Our solutions
  • Rieber GN containers in standardized formats
  • made from 100% food-safe stainless steel
  • meet these regulations
  • by being reusable over 1000 times
Everyone was positively surprised during the kitchen tour at the Gustav Werner Foundation, where Rieber's GN containers and waterproof lids have been in use for 31 years and are still functioning. This demonstrates that Rieber's reusable GN solutions are of high quality and long-lasting.
Jean Marie | Enodis France
Our Rieber GN multi-cycle system with digital traceability.

GN multi-cycle system with digital traceability in reusables.

  • GN containers of various size variants, along with the corresponding waterproof snap-on lids.
  • easily stackable and destackable to enable process automation.
  • all uniquely traceable via a distinct QR code ID

Special requirements for reusable catering in France.

  • ergonomics of the containers and lids in handling – WITH OUR NEW GN AUTO
  • as well as automation through machine handling
  • this allowed for the seamless destacking using robots and machines from MECAPACK
  • ensuring the safety and durability of food quality across various production methods
  • among other things, to adapt the specific application of the existing sous-vide process from single-use plastic bags to a vacuum-sealable stainless steel lid system - WITH OUR NEW VACULID® LIGHT


Single-use plastic packaging saved so far with our digital GN container tracking system

174,199 kg
Everything at a glance
  • approximately 20 million students in France
  • 6 million meals per day
  • 1 billion meals per year
  • 95 % Cook & Chill
  • 5 % Sous Vide

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