our sustainable keys

sustainability | safety | process efficiency | energy saving & efficiency 

the sustainable products & solutions
  • sustainability | GN reusable system digitally organised instead of single-use plastic
  • safety | CHECK HACCP digital transparency on hygiene & temperature
  • process efficiency | no spilling due to the GN reusable system
  • energy efficiency | in cooling (chilling) and heating (regeneration and cooking)
eatTAINABLE Multi-Cycle
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Core temperature sensor ETI Blue LE
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Room temperature sensor CHECK
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The comparison normal GN containers made of stainless steel vs. GN thermoplates® made of efficient SWISS|PLY eco multilayer material.

 the kitchen process & CO2 savings

savings | time | costs | energy


  • HEAT | Up to 60% time & energy saving
  • COOL | Up to 30% more filling capacity

PROCESS EFFICIENCY - from goods receipt to issue


CO2 footprint and savings SWISS|PLY compared to conventional stainless steel

More than just a material | SWISS PLY multilayer material

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