Green Product Award 2023 - public voting has begun

We are nominated - 1362 participants from 40 countries applied for the 10th anniversary edition of the Green Product Award. After a review under the aspects of design, innovation & sustainability, the best submissions were nominated. Our reusable system eatTAINABLE is one of the nominees in the packaging category! 


GN container traceability in returnable form at the Zieglerschen in Wilhelmsdorf

We offer our customers the possibility to track GN containers, transport boxes and everything else via our digitally organised eatTAINABLE reusable system and thus to know where the rented equipment is at any time. The Zieglerschen in Wilhelmsdorf are convinced of this added value in order to keep track of their daily equipment lending processes. There was a continuous loss of containers and this is exactly the problem we have solved with the digital reusable live tracking.

Exhibitions | events

Rieber is the new corporate partner of Qatar Culinary Professionals

On 24 October 2022, the cooking event series started at The Diplomatic Club in Doha, which now regularly takes place at different locations. Our Rieber ACS Station enables first-class and mobile front cooking. The Rieber ACS offers chefs all preparation methods such as grilling, boiling, frying and keeping warm.


Revolutionary AI for food transport - axino & CHECK CLOUD

Discover the revolutionary standard in food transport. The partners axino, CHECK CLOUD & Rieber have succeeded in determining the quality of food during transport without manual measurement. Complex measurements can now be replaced with the help of artificial intelligence. The new solution allows the core temperature to be monitored to an exact 0.5 °C.


Sustainable & bagless vacuuming - in the Rieber vaculid® GN reusable system

With our vaculid® GN system, you can vacuum directly in our 100% food-safe Gastronorm containers and thermoplates® cooking pots without any plastic disposable bags. Our solution for one-way savings and decoupled, efficient production & staff utilisation, with perfectly fresh food quality at the same time. SWITCH TO OUR VACUUM REUSABLE SYSTEM NOW - FOR THE LOVE OF OUR ENVIRONMENT & YOUR SAVINGS.


CHECK HACCP - the digital way to SAVE & SAFETY

Time and cost savings are currently required more than ever. With our digital CHECK HACCP documentation, we can completely save you the hassle of filling out paper lists, filing them away and storing them for 4 years. Let us digitise your HACCP concept together, so that you can benefit from immense time and cost savings with absolute process reliability at the same time, independent of personnel and location.


NEW LOGO & SLOGAN | Rieber META cooking

Rieber META cooking, stands for the digital and sustainable orientation of our company in order to meet all challenges of the future with value-added system solutions. We connect people, food and our kitchen systems to automatically provide the operator with the right information, so that reproducible food quality and HACCP safety can be guaranteed at any time and anywhere. Mobile and energy-saving, transparent and digitally traceable in the standardised GN reusable system made of durable and food-safe stainless steel.


Digital multi-cycle system

Our digitally organised reusable system, is based on 100% food safe stainless steel Gastronorm containers, the established container standard in the industry since 1964. Available in many sizes and variants, the physical and digitally organised reusable container system can be used both in small-scale catering with single-portion Togo dishes or in classic delivery, but also in professional catering to public institutions in multi-portion bulk containers.


NEW | GN & thermoport® food transport brochure

Our GN & thermoport® brochure is here - all product variants at a glance. Your Rieber transport standard for the best food quality, absolute safety, decoupled in terms of space and time, both in in-house and out-of-house catering - optimally organised with our DIGITAL SYSTEMS. Whether daycare centres, schools, homes, nursing homes, homes for the elderly or residential homes, hospitals, company catering, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, military & disaster control, the army or even prisons.