CHECK HACCP - the digital way to SAVE & SAFETY

Time and cost savings are currently required more than ever. With our digital CHECK HACCP documentation, we can completely save you the hassle of filling out paper lists, filing them away and storing them for 4 years. Let us digitise your HACCP concept together, so that you can benefit from immense time and cost savings with absolute process reliability at the same time, independent of personnel and location.


School, Nursery, and Care Catering in France with our GN multi-cycle system

France is strictly committed to reusable solutions. Starting from January 1, 2025, the EGalim law will come into effect, prohibiting the use of plastic in direct contact with food. This is not a problem for our GN Reusable System, which is made of 100% food-safe stainless steel. To experience and get to know our solutions and products better, 10 representatives from the TREMPLIN reusable project visited us in Reutlingen, along with our French Rieber partner, Enodis. These were exciting days filled with forward-looking insights into the future of reusable food service.


Revolutionary AI for food transport - axino & CHECK CLOUD

Discover the revolutionary standard in food transport. The partners axino, CHECK CLOUD & Rieber have succeeded in determining the quality of food during transport without manual measurement. Complex measurements can now be replaced with the help of artificial intelligence. The new solution allows the core temperature to be monitored to an exact 0.5 °C.


Digital multi-cycle system

Our digitally organised reusable system, is based on 100% food safe stainless steel Gastronorm containers, the established container standard in the industry since 1964. Available in many sizes and variants, the physical and digitally organised reusable container system can be used both in small-scale catering with single-portion Togo dishes or in classic delivery, but also in professional catering to public institutions in multi-portion bulk containers.


24/7 FOOD & MORE with our Rieber CONNECT self-service station

Round-the-clock catering - with hot meals, light snacks or breakfast - both single portioned or in bulk, for 10 to over 50 people. By combining our digital sharing refrigerator multipolar® CONNECT with the STÜWER dispenser and non-refrigerated locker system from variocube, all catering solutions and other services can be easily and efficiently mapped in all communal areas - 24/7 and completely contactless. With this freely combinable solution, the classic canteen is a thing of the past.


Our products go digital – Rieber CONNECT

In addition to the safety, hygiene and organization of meals via the CHECK CLOUD platform, Rieber networks its core products with its own App & Cockpit.