Press Release | Freiburg, 9th September 2021

Baden-Württemberg's companies show their innovative strength at Expo in Dubai

Baden-Württemberg House at Expo 2020 Dubai

Baden-Württemberg House will represent the state and its companies at Expo in Dubai from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. 30 sponsoring partners and over 120 content partners from the fields of science, business, education, culture and politics are already supporting Baden-Württemberg House. Whether in the state exhibition, the Vision Lab or in the digital twin of the pavilion - there are numerous innovations from Baden-Württemberg's companies and its huge network for visitors to discover.

Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism, said today (9 September) around 3 weeks before the opening: "Participation in EXPO 2020 Dubai is a great and unique opportunity for Baden-Württemberg. Together we can show why our state and our companies are so innovative and successful worldwide."

Impressions, information and contact persons can be found on the website at:

The maxmaier® businessgroup will present the three areas in which it is active: the CO2-neutral neighbourhood development in the urbanharbor Ludwigsburg, the digital platform CHECK CLOUD for food safety, hygiene and sustainable reusable organisation, and the mobile and energy-efficient kitchen systems of the Rieber company from Reutlingen, which also provides the restaurant kitchen and catering equipment on the Rieber Terrace in the Baden-Württemberg House.
maxmaier® Gruppe
EXPO catering kitchen System

On our Rieber terrace in the BAWÜ Haus we cater everything completely mobile, flexible and modular with our catering kitchen system.

Catering Kitchen System
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thermoport® K 1000 circul.heated-orange
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thermoport® K 1000 circul.heated-black
To the product
thermoport® CNS 1000 circulating heat
To the product
thermoport® CNS 1000 refrigerated
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cateringkitchen - Hygiene protection
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cateringkitchen - connector 1/1
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cateringkitchen - GN port 1/1
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Sub-frame - thermoport® plastic
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thermoplates® 1/1 020 nano - handles
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thermoplates® 1/1 065 coated - handles
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varithek® 1/1-ck-3400-2Z-round (1,0)

catering kitchen System on the Rieber Terrace in the BAWÜ House | EXPO Dubai

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