The maxmaier® Group will present its 3 areas of expertise, from CO2 neutral neighbourhood development in the urbanharbor Ludwigsburg, to the digital platform CHECK CLOUD for food safety, hygiene & sustainable reusable organisation, to mobile & energy efficient kitchen systems from Rieber in Reutlingen - the restaurant kitchen & catering equipment on the "Rieber Terrace" in the BAWÜ House at EXPO Dubai will also be sponsored.

"Living, working & eating sustainably in harmony with nature" and thereby creates diverse synergies.

  • 01 | CO2 neutral real estate development & transformation in the urbanharbor industrial area on around 200,000 m2 in the Weststadt Ludwigsburg.
  • 02 | Mobile & energy-efficient kitchen infrastructure systems by Rieber - Made in Germany from Reutlingen - will also sponsor the restaurant kitchen & catering equipment on the "Rieber Terrace" in the BAWÜ Haus
  • 03 | CHECK CLOUD platform for digital food safety, hygiene & sustainable reusable organisation



smart city district – CO2 neutral through collaboration



Since 1886, the family-owned companies Eisfink & Rieber have been developing innovative infrastructure solutions & systems that ensure the basic human need "food at any time, anywhere & with the best quality". With the maxmaier® family (5th generation), real estate development in Ludwigsburg is added - today's urbanharbor, which opens a new era for the industrially shaped Weststadt. The historic site is being transformed into new and sustainable workplaces in a sustainable & perspective way via sector coupling (energy, industry & mobility) in a digital and CO2 neutral way.

Collaboration smart city district platform – CO2 neutral @urbanharbor

Through the collaboration of companies from various sectors and activities, their sustainable and digital solutions are to be networked via a joint platform in order to create a holistic organisational tool for a city ecosystem. All processes will be organised and automatically controlled with maximum efficiency and minimum use of resources. This is because neighbourhoods are in competition with end customers (tenants), and important decision-making criteria include costs, benefits and use of resources.

Collaboration - hybrid loop

  • Transformed industrial hall (10,000 m2) with hybrid use of office, test & development space
  • Demand-driven & CO2-neutral controlled via the Smart District platform (transferable to other districts)
  • Collection of real-time & sensor data (temperature, air, light, occupancy, weather, etc.)
  • Supply & disposal in reusable systems
  • E-mobility with battery storage system
  • Parking management with driverless & autonomous parking service
  • Green hydrogen via electrolyser for logistics
  • Predictive energy & plant control management
  • Renewable energy supply with photovoltaics

CO2 neutral city district Ludwigsburg

hybrid loop

smart-district-plattform | connected building


Rieber digital & sustainable kitchen


Kitchen & food solutions driven by innovation & sustainability

People and food are at the centre of our products & solutions, and our innovations always promote the responsible use of the limited resources of energy, water and time. In this way, we simultaneously achieve high efficiency in cooking & serving and low running costs for our customers, as well as a sensible approach to our environment. Quality with continuity and the overall conservation of resources in our own products and their manufacture, as well as in their use, are central drivers and benchmarks at Rieber - as it were, constantly developing innovations for the future in order to offer customers the best solutions.

No products but individual system solutions | continuous innovations & further development | standard, quality, hygiene & safety | digital service & organisation | sustainability 

As an innovation-driven company, we not only think about product innovations, but have also been thinking about digital solutions for processes since 2012. Our history clearly shows which constant innovations make our product portfolio unique - the combination of process and material technology, right up to the digital overall system. With the manufacturer-independent CHECK CLOUD platform, the process chain in the food and catering industry can be mapped transparently and digitally, and also forms a holistic organisational tool through further comprehensive services.  

This focus on innovation and our high striving for quality bundled with diverse core competencies in-house, from engineering to toolmaking to series production, create sustainable differentiation and long-term potential for success, with a broad customer structure and long-term customer relationships.

catering kitchen system

Rieber EXPO solutions

Transport, prepare & dispense - the all-in-one plug & play solution.

Our mobile & flexible catering kitchen system at EXPO Dubai - also easily retrofittable for your thermoport® in modular form.

Catering Kitchen System
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thermoport® K 1000 circul.heated-black
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thermoport® K 1000 unheated - black
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thermoport® K 1000 circul.heated-orange
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thermoport® CNS 1000-D circulating heat
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thermoport® CNS 1000 refrigerated
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thermoport® CNS 1000 circulating heat
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varithek® 1/1-ck-3400-2Z-round (2,5)
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varithek® 1/1-ik-3600-2Z-square (1,0)
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Sub-frame - thermoport® plastic
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cateringkitchen - Hygiene protection
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cateringkitchen - connector 1/1
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cateringkitchen - GN port 1/1

Mobile & energy-efficient catering systems


Digital platform for food safety, hygiene & sustainable reusable organisation

CHECK HACCP system components
  • Mobile CHECK
    Manual temperature measurement via Bluetooth-capable core temperature sensor and CHECK app. Simple hygiene and service management with flexibly customisable checklists and additional photo and text function via the CHECK app.
  • Auto CHECK
    Automatic room temperature recording by means of sensors, stationary and in mobile devices.
  • QR-Code
    Unique CHECK Point identification via food-certified sticker.
  • CHECK App
    Intuitively guided operation and data collection of core temperature measurement and checklists via smartphone.
  • CHECK Cockpit
    Central web-based data retrieval, configuration and management (temperature HACCP report, hygiene report, quality index, user & rights management, export, system configuration, setting of task intervals).
Digital HACCP solution

Can be easily retrofitted for all products at any time

  • automatic room temperature measurement
  • Mobile core temperature measurement via app
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Core temperature sensor ETI Blue LE
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Room temperature sensor CHECK
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QR code sticker eatTAINABLE

digital & automated HACCP - food safety

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